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Yvonne’s Message to Women: Trust Your Instincts


Yvonne's Message to Women: Trust Your Instincts

Yvonne’s Main Artery Was 80% Blocked

Yvonne Cowan, a registered nurse in Queens, NY, thought she was the picture of good health. While working at the hospital one day, Yvonne felt an intense burning sensation in her chest.

When the pain became unbearable, she went to the ER, where they ran a blood test and an EKG. Both tests came back normal, so Yvonne’s doctors began to treat her for indigestion. When her symptoms did not subside, they ran the tests again. Her left main artery was 80% blocked, and two stents had to be placed in her heart to relieve the obstruction.

The second round of tests indicated that Yvonne had experienced a heart attack.

Since her heart attack, Yvonne has become an advocate for heart health, sharing her story and urging women to trust their instincts when something is wrong with their body.

Yvonne’s experience is not unique.