Survivor Story

Remembering Patricia for Everything She Was

George and Patricia Bosak

'In order to take care of everyone else you have to be around'

Patricia Bosak died at age 64 because her heart gave out. But that’s not what she should be remembered for, says her son, George.

“She was the most selfless person in the world,” he says. “She gave me every avenue to make my dreams come true.”

That meant driving him to hockey while he was growing up and sleeping in the parking lot while he practiced or played games late into the night so that he would one day realize his dream of playing professionally.

When Patricia seemed confused at times, loved ones didn’t consider it a sign of heart disease; Alzheimer’s ran in the family, and loved ones worried it might be early dementia. They learned the truth too late: Her brain had been starved for oxygen because her heart wasn’t functioning properly.

Now a hockey coach, George tells his players to remind their moms to get heart checked and know the signs of heart disease in women, which can differ from men’s symptoms. And he remembers his mom every day for her faith, love and strength.

“If I could put her into two words, it would be ‘bear hugs,’” he says. “I really miss those hugs.”

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