Survivor Story

A 20 Year Journey to a Diagnosis

In my mid-twenties, I recall having the chest pains, going to emergency rooms over and over again, but never getting real answers. They told me it was probably stress-related. The doctors told me my tests were normal and it wasn’t likely a problem with my heart. I was told that I was ‘too young’ to have any heart issues.

After many inconclusive tests, I participated in a study for women who had normal test results, but were still experiencing chest pains. It turned out I had coronary microvascular disease, a common type of heart disease in women, which affects the smaller arteries and is harder to detect.

Over the years I have been able to improve my heart conditions through a combination of medicines, diet and exercise.

My message to women: Get the second, third and fourth opinions. It will matter. It will save your life.

Attack heart disease before it attacks you.