Survivor Story

Heart Disease Took Juanice Without Warning

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    Juanice Parrish - Taken by the Ladykiller

    “It’s been extremely tough on dad. He’s had three heart attacks and her symptoms were nothing like his. He had chest pain, tightness, couldn’t breathe, and she never had any of that.” – Juanice Parrish’s Son

At 64 years old, Juanice Parrish was attacked by heart disease. No one saw it coming.

She had a personality that rose straight from her chest. The easy laugh. The soulful voice at church and weddings. Everyone adored her, no one more than Jimmy, her high school sweetheart and husband for 46 years.

The night before, she had only felt some indigestion and heartburn. She told Jimmy he was crazy for wanting her to go to the emergency room for a little thing like that.

The next morning, he woke, went to the kitchen and made breakfast. She never joined him. Heart disease takes millions without warning.